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Passaic Valley High School Offers Teaching Co-op Program, Hires New Music Teacher

- Sep• 26•17

September 22, 2017 at 11:31 AM

Pictured is Passaic Valley High School, which is in the process of revamping many of its programs and facilities.Credits: Tina Pappas

LITTLE FALLS, NJ – Passaic Valley High School has started a co-operative teaching program for its students.

During the Sept. 12 Board of Education meeting, Dr. JoAnn Cardillo, superintendent, reported about the “Hornet Helping Hands” program to trustees, which is an early childhood partnership between PVHS and the Little Falls School District.

According to Cardillo, PV students who take part in the program have expressed a desire to work in an elementary school setting and learn about the career opportunities in teaching young children. The internship has been created to afford PV students the opportunity to earn 10 high school credits while providing assistance in the classroom and supporting students in making connections through a variety of teaching practices. Their daily mission will be to assist children in  pre-k through second grade in performing routines and activities, as well as acting as positive role models.

“Our early childhood interns are going up to School No. 2,” said Cardillo, adding that they visit the elementary school on Fridays.

“On Monday we brought them in and Ms. Marialena Perosi, director of guidance, and I checked in with them to see how it went. There are seven students going there. One of the students said, ‘We love it, I get up every morning now and I want to go to school.’ It’s a wonderful program.”

The program is part of the school’s recent initiative to create career pathways by allowing students to have internship and work experiences prior to graduation.

New Music Teacher

Pia Vanderstreet was hired by the board as a full-time teacher of music for the 2017-2018 school year per PVEA contract Step 10 Class 1 at a salary of $62,357. She thanked board members for the opportunity.

“As a native of Cedar Grove myself, I am very familiar with the wonderful things that take place at PV,” she said. “I even attended performances when I was high school and am looking forward to being part of the Hornet family. I hope everyone will join us at the holiday concert at Dec. 14.”

STEAM Camp Program

Cardillo also reported that the high school held its first ever summer camp program for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), which was a success.

“Along with our summer arts program, we held our first year for third, fourth and fifth graders,” she added, and featured a project done by the students. “One of the summer projects had competing teams make a whole science contraption, which consists of figuring out to measure things, all done by paper. It includes two marbles and it actually works. We had about 25 students in the STEAM camp and word is out that it’s really terrific.”

School Library Improvements

Cardillo noted that the library is being revamped to include relevant literature, including other accommodations for students.

“Our library is being cleaned up and we have bulletin boards up and everything is being put in place through an extensive cleaning process of books that are no longer appropriate to have in the library,” she said, adding that six boxes of books have been carted out.

The library staff is doing a semi-annual cleaning review and inventory.

“You see the magazines we have on the racks for student,” Cardillo said. “They’re coming in here in the morning and we’re opening at 7:30 a.m. now.”

New Student Representative

Jake Bejarano, a senior year student at PV, is the new student representative to the board. He said that currently, several clubs at the high school have been working to raise funds to help victims of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes. At the recent Back to School night, $10 t-shirts were sold to raise funds for the victims. T-shirts will be available for purchase at the high school’s homecoming on Sept. 30 as well.

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